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Bandipur Route 3
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Route :- Bandipur (1) - Mangala Dam (2) - Moolapura Road (3) - Moolapura Betta (4) - Aalada Mara (5) - Moyar river (6) - Mysore ditch (9) - Volakallare Antipoaching camp (8) (Night Halt) - Bettadakatte (11) - Bandipur (1) - Exit


Trek distance :- 22.5 Km .


You have to contact Bandipur Forest officer for permission and guide.


Trek is difficult one when you have to get down at Moyar river gauge, the surface is too sleepery and nothing is there to hold as well . Similar challenges are there while climbing up the gauge , the trek is difficult in terms of getting down and climbing up at moyar gauge else there will be not much difficulty . You can swim if u go down a little in moyar river after you get down , thats some 1/2 Km off the route .

Shoes with nice grip is a must , also carry rope if possible.


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