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We( Myself and Ruchir) started off from bangalore on thursday night i.e 7th April . Reached majestic at 9:00 Pm and then tried to get a Decent bus but bcoz of ugadi all buses were full and we have to go in a 3 X 2 bus till sringeri as we could not get a direct bus to Agumbe ( 27 Km from sringeri). We reached Sringeri at 7:30 Am .( bangalore sringeri journey time :- 9 Hrs may be less in Deluxe buses)
The plan was to go to Agumbe from sringeri and then after doing a one day trek to barkana and jogi gundi and reach back to sringeri in night and then leaving to Kodachadri next day .
After having a informative discussion with driver we found that agumbe is between kodachari ( near Kollur) and Sringeri. So we decided to finish off sringeri and then lead towards Agumbe , we have also planned to visit Kundadri( On the way to Agumbe from Thirthahalli, 9 kms from Guddekeri near Begar you can find Kundadri hill. A adventurous place for trekking lovers. You can reach the hill top by tar road also but its a shaking experience if you walk up the mountain using the shortcut route. On reaching the top you can find the Parshwanath Chaityalaya, a stone structure. Kundadri hill is in fact a single gigantic monolithic rock formation with various outgrowths. A rough stone paved path leads one to the top of the hill. From the hill top you can see the twists and turns of the Thirthahalli-Agumbe road.  This place is also a jain pilgrimage centre. ) . After visting main temple and tunga river we are all set to head towards Agumbe by 10:00 AM .At bus stand , we were told that we can also visit Kagga temple which is just 9 Kms away but we couldnot visit that.
We got dowm at Begur at around 11:00 AM and we started our walk towards the base of kundadri hillock. We walked for around 1 1/2 hrs ( 6 kms from begur?? to kundadri ) ; and reached the base of hill known as kundadri by localites at 12:30 PM. This 6 Km walk was kind of a walk in some sanctuary on a tar road and small trees on both side of road . I spotted a FOX also.When we reached base ( A big temple gate being built ) . we were told that we can either go by Big route (jeep route) and a steeper route through a small forest and then 70 degree rocks . We option the latter one .It was a really challenging trek and when we reached peak ( it takes 45 min through tougher route ) we were fully exhausted .
we drank water and then  just relaxed there on top for around 1 hr , Agumbe can se seen from peak .We came down at around 3:00 Pm and then caught one bus to Agumbe . When we reached Agumbe it was surronded by dark clouds and raining would be very far. Police men told us that we cannot go to Barkana or jogi gundi as naxalites are there .So we caught a bus in no time for kollur ( 90 Kms from Agumbe ) , as soon as bus started it started raining and we have a nice scenery waiting for us . We crossed Sunset point and then bus crossed 10 hair bends , it was raining and too scenic . We reached kollur at 8:30 Pm ( journey time Agumbe-kollur - 3 hrs ) .Mookhambika temple close at 9:0 Pm we went for5 darshan and then took a room in lalithambika guest house for 200 bucks for a decent double bed room .

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