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Hoggenekal :-
    Bangalore --> Hosur --> Krishnagiri --> Dharmapuri --> Hogenekal.
    Go towards i.e Electronic city , keep going towards Hosur , then to Krishnagiri and then dharmapuri .
Krishnagiri is About 100 Kms from Bangalore . Before Krishnagiri a bridge will come ; dont take left there just keep going straight over the bridge to go towards Dharmapuri . Road till there is awesome , you can easily ride at 80 Km/Hr .
After that Dharmapuri is around 50 Kms far ( not sure abt this ). The total distance till Hogenekal from Bangalore is approx 200 Kms .This is a single road . From Dharmapuri after entering the city , you have to take left in market . Ask localites abt this.
From there Road is very scenic upto Hogenekal , the last 10 Km stretch of ghat is also there . Though many potholes were there , when i went .
At hogenekal you can rent a coracle at around 400 Rs ( off season rate ) for around 4-5 Hrs , first you have to cross a short stream of water in it and then some steps down and then in the river , later boat guy will show some  'sight seeing ' and tells about all the movies shot there , later  you can go to Shore and there you can feast on fish and have massage as well .. A full massage will cost you around 80 bucks . Rock formations are worth watching . Kids also jump from top of a rock for just 5 bucks may be a height of 20 Mts or so , its good to see such small kids jumping from such a height which u cant even think of ..
You can also visit ABHIYAMAN KOTAI , THEERTHA MALAI , aND KOTTAI temple as well , these places can be visited in Dharmapuri dist.

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