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Horsley Hills
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Horsley Hills is approximately 165 kms from Bangalore . Go towards Hoskote and then Kolar. From Kolar take the road to Srinivaspur and onto Rayalpadu. From Rayalpadu get to Madanpalle and take the road towards Kadiri and Anantpur. Then a left deviation towards Horsley Hills. Road between Kolar and madanaplle is good and also has lot of mountains on both sides . You can easily ride at 80-90 Kms/hr.

Road after this left diversion is also very scenic , thats where ghat starts . Before Madanapalle (6-7 Kms before Madanapalle ) you can see malaikonda , on right side of road ( if you go from Kolar towards madanapalle , you have to walk from base of hill . Though we took aur bike as far as we can , riding bike on that 'road' wud be a great adventure. There is a Shiva temple at the top , view from top is too scenic with small mountains all around .
At horsley hills , you can book your room from APTDC , punnami . there is a swimming pool, a gym and a bar . BSNL signal is also there at the top . Nothing much to do there but relax .
Gurramkonda is around 50 Kms from Horsley hills , when you go towards Madanapalle from Horsley hills , you can visit this place . Its a fort . The fort is supposed to have been built by the Golconda sultans; it stands on a hill Soo ft. high, three sides of which consist of almost perpendicular precipices. According to a local legend the name Gurramkonda, meaning " horse hill," was derived from the fact that a horse was supposed to be guardian of the fort and that the place was impregnable so long as the horse remained there . This will be an easy trek. Also take enough water with you as there is no water on top .
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