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Arasinagundi falls
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Arasinagundi falls:-
Located near Kollur of Kundapur Taluk, trek route 6 km.
This is a medium level 1 day trek from Kollur (Mookhambika fame) town. The jungle starts 2 Km after the temple and from that point falls is about 4.5 Kms of jeep route . Complete trek is inside dense rain forest , after 2 Kms its a tough uphill for rest of trek . After 4.5 Kms you will reach a milestone showing the way towards Arasinagundi falls , This comes on left of track . from here walk for about 1 Km and then you will encounter Huge falls . The view is awesome. It can be a nice picnic spot.
From hills a way goes towards Kodachadri Peak but you need to some research before taking this up and we lost the way because of rain , the normal route even seems like water streak.
You need permission of Forest officer of Mookhambika Wildlife sanctuary to enter the jungle which starts after 2 Km from Kollur.
Caution:- After Arasinagundi, the place is like sea of leeches so take neccesary precaution.

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